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Case Study
Congestive heart failure patients are an important contributor to readmissions in US hospitals. Many initiatives have been taken at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Hospital to reduce the number of readmitted CHF patients within 30 days post-discharge. One of these include implementing a nurse follow-up phone call program that called upon inpatient nurses to fill out standardized questionnaires on a daily to weekly basis, up to 30 days.
To complement the existing readmissions program initiatives, 59 patients were given either the tablet solution (Hospital of University of Pennsylvania) or the automated phone call solution (Pennsylvania Hospital). We examined whether the AirCare technology would impact patient engagement, patient and nursing satisfaction, and preventable 30-day readmission rates.
Before discharge, inpatient nurses and the patients would simplify the discharge instructions to the top 5 priorities that would make up the customized AirCare questionnaire. Tablet patients would receive an electronic “check in” on a daily basis and fill out the questionnaire. Automated phone call patients would receive a phone call and enter their information. Clinicians were alerted through text or email of high-risk patients and check risk stratified data on the online platform, and use the platform to initiate video consultations, text messages, or phone calls to reach patients in their homes.
Compared to the nurse follow-up phone call program, AirCare was able to receive daily data to monitor patients’ progress up to 30 days. AirCare was now not only a patient monitoring tool, but became a useful patient management tool for patients with complex medical needs.
AirCare achieved 88% daily engagement on its software platform, 60-70% daily engagement on its automated phone call platform, high patient and nurse satisfaction, 0% preventable readmissions, and 30-40% overall decreases in readmissions on top of the initiatives the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Hospital have already implemented to decrease readmissions.
Hospital of University of Pennsylvania
Preventable Readmission Rate
Daily Patient Engagement Rate
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Pennsylvania Hospital
Preventable Readmission Rate
Daily Patient Engagement Rate
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Video Calls
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